International orchestra school and festival OrkesterkamP 2012

OrkesterkamP 2012 for windband will take place in Portorož, Slovenija between 19th and 25th August 2012.

OrkesterkamP Music Festival & School offers an intensive professional performance experience in the marvellous mediterranean environment. OrkesterkamP is open to dedicated musicians of any age. Students perform orchestra repertorie side-by-side with their teacher from professional institutions or orchestras form Italy, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia, Serbia.

OrkesterkamP Portorož, with more than 200 students, will include 3 orchestras, chamber music, seminar of arranging & music notation with Sibelius, sax masterclass, workshop of windband conducting & orchestra repertory, 10 concerts of participants (orchestra and chamber music) and many other activities.

Mentors: Alja Velkaverh –flute, Dušan Sodja – clarinet, Betka Bizjak Kotnik – saxophone, Matjaž Drevenšek – saxophone (masterclass only), Aleš Klančar – trumpet, Antonello Mazzucco – trombone, Alessandro Fossi- tuba, Imre Magyari – horn, Jože Bogolin – percussion, Simon Klavžar – percussion, Matija Tavčar – percussion, Janis Purins – chamber music,

Conductors: Johannes Stert – Concert OkamP orchestra, Andrea Loss – Festival OkamP orchestra, Tomaž Kukovič – Junior OkamP orchestra

OrkesterkamP 2012 for symphony orchestra will take place in Bovec (Slovenija) from 27th August to 1st September 2012.

For further information e-mail , telephone +386 41 618 373 or visit

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