Childs leaves Cory

David Childs

Following a highly acclaimed performance at this year’s RNCM Festival of Brass it is with regret the Cory Band has accepted the resignation of euphonium virtuoso David Childs.

David has been a valued member of Cory for 10 years helping them win major championships and consistently delivering world class solo and concerto performances. However, juggling a busy professional diary with Cory commitments has become increasingly difficult and after considerable thought David has decided to relinquish his position with the band.

David commented, “You can only imagine what an honour it has been for me to play in one of the world’s greatest bands with my wife sat to the right of me, my sister opposite, and my Dad in the middle. To say I’ve enjoyed my time with the band would be an understatement. However, in recent years I have found it difficult to successfully balance my professional life with the commitment I demand of myself at Cory, and after a lot of thought I feel now is the right time for the band to replace me.”

David’s Dad Bob Childs said, “I fully understand David’s reasons for leaving and I respect his honesty and integrity. Nevertheless his departure will have a big impact on the Band. In recent years David has been my right-hand man, helping me prepare the band for contests and deputising for me as Musical Director.

We’ve obviously discussed his exit from the Band and I’m pleased to say he will remain with us until the Welsh Regional Championships and is prepared to give us limited commitment up until the European Championships if required.”

Band Chairman Austin Davies reiterated Bob’s comments and added, “I’m surprised we’ve been able to hold on to David for as long as we have, he is a world class player and a totally dedicated bandsman. I’m sure David will play for us again in the future, but for now everyone at Cory Band wishes him the very best.”

David concluded, “I’d like to publicly thank everyone associated with Cory for the experiences and support they’ve given me over the years – it’s been an absolute pleasure to share the stage with so many wonderful musicians, friends and family. I will continue to follow the band closely and wish them the very best of luck for the future.”

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