May 2017 – Issue 68

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The 2017 May issue of The Brass Herald is now published. The front cover artist is the amazing trumpet virtuoso Wayne Bergeron who has been interview by Michael Cichowicz.
Within the 92 page all colour, quality packed magazine there is an abundance of high quality musicians and artists talking to high quality writers, who include:
Ronald Romm
Derek Lance
University of Salford Brass
Catherine F. Leach
Bob Malone
Vienna Brass Connection
Derek Lance
New York Staff Band
Vladislav Lavrik
Natalie Mannix
John Wallace
James Gourlay
John Miller
Roger Ingram
Huw Morgan
Eric Ewazen
Dede Decker
Peter Pickett
Mike Vax
Kneller Hall
John Hagstrom
Soulo Mute
Vicente Honorato
Eric Berlin
David Perrico
Denis Wick
Stephen Wick
Paxman Horns
Zig Kanstul
Bob McChesney
Frank Kaderabek
Pack Flores
Jason Dovel
Chicago Staff Band
Jonathan Rees
Brett Baker
Tom Davoren
Kate Gee
David Champouillon
Jonathan Corry
Elena Jarosz
Taylor Hughey
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