February 2018 – Issue 72

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The February 2018 edition of The Brass Herald is now published and what a year opening issue we have for you. It really is what it claims to be – The Magazine for The Brass Musician. Action packed with major interviews and articles, views, news and analysis from across the entire range of brass. The front cover artist for the opening edition in 2018 is the celebrated trumpet virtuoso and musician, Jens Lindemann. Within this issue the following world class artists, ensembles and writers are featured.
Kathleen Gaspoz
Peter Graham
Ashley Hall
Leonard Candelaria
Roger Ingram
Bob Malone
Philip Smith
Ashley Hall
University of Texas at El Paso
Nancy Taylor
Eric Berlin
Torbjorn Hultmark
Keely O’Hare Abeln
2018 ITG Conference
Vincent Bach
Tedd Waggoner
Markus Theinert
Chetham’s School of Music
Mark Freeh
Zoe Hancock
David Geoghegan
Thomas Fountain
Mick Mulcahy
Martin McCain
Zig Kanstul
Jack Kanstul
Kristian Steenstrup
The Fairey Band
Joseph Turin
Susan Rider
Terry Warburton
Kate Ann Gee
Jonathan Rees
Mark Wilkinson
Rebecca Knowles
Chris Houlding
Olivier Verhelst
Kim Traill
John Maines
and much much more